All Terrain Tires in Burke, TX

All Terrain

All terrain tires, which can also be called AT tires, are large, chunky tires mostly seen on trucks or Jeeps. They offer superb traction on almost any surface.

The tire performs just like its name – being capable of driving over all terrains you may come across. The tires combine on-road and off-road capabilities so drivers can go from the highway to the trails.

AT tires have deep, open tread designs with large tread blocks that keep traction on the road while driving. The deep grooves channel away water, dirt, and debris and ensure that the rubber maintains contact with the road.

Pros and Cons of All Terrain Tires

AT tires offer a combination of great and not so great features. If looking to purchase a set of all terrain tires, consider these things:


  • Tread Design: the large and in charge tread design is ideal for off-road driving. Deep grooves and large rubber sections allow for premium contact while getting debris like mud, dirt and water out of the way.
  • Reinforced Sidewalls: it’s common for AT tires to have this feature. The additional support in the tire sidewall offers increased load capacity for those vehicles traveling on uneven surfaces with heavy loads.
  • Year Round Drivability: Majority of all terrain tires are also winter driving approved with the M+S logo. This means they can provide rugged performance and traction in not only mud, but also snow and slush during winter weather.


  • Noisy: the added traction you get with large tread blocks can also transfer to more noise being made while operating. Drivers may hear louder than normal road noise while driving with AT tires.
  • Tread Life: Because of the maximum grip design and tires often taking a beating, their tread life can be less than that of the average tire, causing quicker wear.
  • Fuel Efficiency: all terrain tires are not the best option if you are looking to save at the pump. The blocky tread pattern, larger tire size and rolling resistance can all play a factor in lessening your fuel efficiency when driving with AT tires.

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